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Best Non-Surgical Breast Lift: ThermiTight Breast

The classic way for breast lift surgery mostly leaves visible scars around the nipples and on the bottom half of the breast. But as WellMedica promises to provide you the latest and best solution for your problems, we introduce you an alternative to a surgical breast lift called ThermiTight Breast. ThermiTight is a procedure that uses a small catheter to emit radio frequency underneath the skin to heat it, which tightens the skin and makes it smoother. This is the best non-surgical breast lift out on the market today.

best non-surgical breast lift vs surgical breast lift

Non-Surgical Breast Lift Alternative in Virginia

ThermiTight of the breasts is perfect for women who have who desire a small lift of their breasts and elevation of their nipples to enhance the appearance of their breasts. Usually, Dr. Dima at WellMedica doesn’t recommend it for women with breast implants. The best part of getting a ThermiTight on Breast is that it leaves no scars. It is also only minimally invasive treatment unlike that of most surgical breast lifts.

ThermiTight Breast Lift

Saggy breasts are marked before the procedure and two or three small needle holes are made on each breast around the nipples where the ThermiTight probe enters underneath the skin. Then the radio frequency is emitted from the tip of the probe and causes the skin to contract and tighten. The entire procedure takes about an hour to perform. The collagen in the skin remodels and tightens immediately and then over the next two months. The nipple position is lifted by 1-3 cm on each breast. New collagen is also formed and may also improve the appearance of thin skin or stretch marks on the breasts.


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non-surgical breast lift thermitight breast lift

best non-surgical breast lift thermitight breast procedure

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