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Smoothbeam Acne Therapy

Smoothbeam Laser is an advanced non-invasive laser treatment for acne, acne scars, and fine lines.  The laser uses a combination of skin heating and cooling to selectively heat the middle layer of the skin.  By heating the middle layer (dermis) it is possible to gently treat a variety of skin problems. Smoothbeam Acne Therapy - A Laser Treatment has low chance of side effects. The most common side effect is mild redness in spots lasting about a few hours. Rare side effects can include blistering or color changes. Scarring is extremely rare, but possible with any treatment of the skin. Even though the laser is cutting edge technology, there is a chance it may not sufficiently treat your skin problem. 

Smoothbeam Acne Therapy - A Laser Treatment

At Wellmedica we provide Smoothbeam Acne Therapy for Acne and Scars. A series of treatments are usually recommended for acne, acne scars and wrinkles. After four treatments active acne is usually 70 percent reduced on average. Scars and wrinkles are improved by a mild to moderate degree. In addition, oil production is reduced. The results are long lasting. Research has indicated that acne stays 70 percent better for two years or more after a series of four treatments. More treatments tend to be more beneficial, although most patients are satisfied with four.

Patient Testimonial

"At 31, I had unremitting cystic acne, and nothing I tried got rid of it or even slowed it down: not antibiotics, not microdermabrasion, not birth control pills. Then I read about Smoothbeam and found Dr. Ali, and meeting her was one of the single best things that has ever happened to me. After 5 full-face treatments with her Smoothbeam laser not only did my breakouts completely stop, but the super oiliness of my complexion was reversed. The pitted scarring that I thought would prevent me from having a normal, happy life was erased. Dr. Ali and her Smoothbeam treatments truly changed my life." 

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