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Laser Scar Reduction

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Scars can result from a biological process of wound repair in the skin and other tissues of the body, so scarring is a a very natural part of the healing process. Scars can form after a after a cut, scrape, burn, or sore. Usually scars do fade naturally overtime, but sometimes takes years if left untreated. These should be treated sooner than later with Laser Scar Reduction. Assuming the wound does not become infected, physicians plan excisions to minimize the cosmetic defects produced by scars. This can be accomplished by orienting the wound in such a way so that it will not perturb other structures, so that the scar can be camouflaged by hiding in wrinkle lines or near other anatomical structures. 

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How do I know what kind of scar I have and if this treatment can help me?

Dr. Ali will be able to evaluate your scarring at time of you consultation and let you know which treatment is best for your specific type of scarring and create a customized treatment plan. Dr. Ali will let you know how much improvement you can expect and how many sessions will be needed to try and achieve your desired result.

Will Laser Scar Reduction treatment hurt?

Pain is subjective, however Dr. Ali does use topical and local anesthesia in order to avoid any discomfort if necessary. Please let us know if this is a concern to you and we will be able to address all your questions and concerns. 

Different Types of Scars

Keloid Scarring

Firm, raised, and reddish-purple scars that extend beyond the initial wound area and build over time.

Hypertrophic Scarring

for Body Contouring

Firm, raised, and pink scars that remain within the initial wound area and possibly naturally regress over time.

Atrophic Scarring

Depressed pin like pockets in the skin that can result from skin conditions such as acne.

Before & After

Laser Scar Reduction

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