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Acne Deep Cleanse Treatment Facial

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Our acne deep cleanse treatment facial is optimal for anyone suffering from oily, congested or acne-prone skin. This treatment will eliminate impurities, kill bacteria that causes breakouts, and remove dirt and build-up for both men and women. It will also help to get rid of and further prevent whiteheads, blackheads, pustules, milia, warts, and cysts which are easily recognized by our trained professionals. This facial which is sometimes called "acne surgery" by dermatologists will specifically target and deep cleanse every pore to help balance, purify, prevent, and heal problematic skin. The cleansing is done with our specialized technique and acne EpiOrganic products to calm the skin, and promote healing and regenerate new healthy skin cells. Next the skin is also extracted, exfoliated, steamed, masked, and moisturized accordingly. Before the treatment you will have a chance to voice any skin concerns with our doctor and aesthetician to come up with the right treatment for your skin type. One may experience redness, or irritation after the treatment which usually comes with facials, yet this should go away within a few days or less. We at WellMedica recommend Deep Cleanse Facials biweekly or monthly in order to keep one's skin healthy and acne free, but again it does depend on the person's skin type and skin routine prior to treatments.

Acne Deep Cleanse

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Acne Deep Cleanse Treatment

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