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ThermiVa VS MonaLisa Touch

Why We Prefer ThermiVa Over MonaLisa Touch

Currently, on the market today there are a large number of different non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation technologies including ThermiVa, FemiLift, MonaLisa Touch, Geneveve, and more.  Many of our patients come to us asking which procedure is the best and most effective.  This is a complicated question that includes several different factors.  Keep reading to learn which treatment Dr. Dima recommends for you!

ThermiVa Vs MonaLisa Touch

The key difference between ThermiVa and MonaLisa Touch for vaginal rejuvenation is the type of technology that is used to receive similar results.  MonaLisa Touch uses a fractional C02 laser along with lasers such as CO2RE Intima, and FemiLift.  Treatments such as Geneveve and ThermiVa use radiofrequency energy. In order to figure out which is best Dr. Dima has tried all of the lasers on the market today, and in her opinion radiofrequency technology for vaginal rejuvenation is the way to go.  She found that these treatments are less painful and more effective in vaginal tightening.  They also receive longer lasting results for treating incontinence and increasing lubrication. ThermiVa is also unique in that it can help to treat vaginal appearance while MonaLisa Touch can only the inside of the vagina. Therefore, we strongly feel ThermiVa and radiofrequency technology is the best treatment for vaginal rejuvenation.

Similarities with Thermiva and MonaLisa Touch

Of course, even though there are differences between these two technologies there are also similarities between ThermiVa and MonaLisaTouch. For instance they both require three treatments each three weeks apart.  They also require a probe to be entered in the vaginal canal to administer treatment, yet as described above the probe releases a different type of energy.  They are both marketed as treating vaginal tightening and incontinence issues. They are also relatively new treatments that are becoming more and more popular as time goes on.  Although, as with any new cosmetic treatment there is also a certain amount of stigma attached to non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation since it is such a new treatment.

Stigma Around Vaginal Rejuvenation

Vaginal Rejuvenation is where Botox was 30 years ago. No one talked about it, and everyone wanted to keep it “hush, hush.” The only people we see openly admit to getting this procedure are the ladies on the Real Housewives franchise.  Besides that many are very quiet when it comes to feminine care.  However, recent statistics from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) show a 64 percent increase in vaginal rejuvenation surgeries from last year to present. So, if more people are getting it – why is everyone afraid to talk about it? One reason is people still see it as taboo. Just like Botox, cosmetic procedures usually take time before the general public will accept it. Another reason is a lot of women still have issues admitting problems with intimacy and urinary incontinence, and it can make them feel shameful and self-conscious. Our society also does not always empower women to embrace their sexuality which can cause many to be more hesitant.  Luckily, this does not change the fact that vaginal rejuvenation is an amazing treatment that has helped thousands of women today.

Book a Consultation

Even though we personally believe ThermiVa is the best non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation treatment on the market today, compared to MonaLisaTouch, we always urge you to book a consultation with a doctor that you trust to see what the best treatment for you is! Make sure you do your research and feel comfortable with whatever treatment you choose. Based on the patient’s needs we create a customized treatment plan for all that visit us for a consultation. If you have any further questions about this article please call our office at 703.787.9866. You can also visit us at 1801 Robert Fulton Drive, Reston VA 20191.



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