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10 Signs You’re Sleep Deprived

Have you ever wondered if you were sleep deprived?

Have you ever experienced any of the signs your sleep deprived?  If so, read this article on 10 Signs Your Sleep Deprived to learn everything you need to know about the subject.

1- You are Constantly Cranky

Studies have shown that the more tired you are, the more irritable you will become. Less sleep means you are less equipped to handle stress which can lead to moodiness, and crankiness. Let this go on for too long and it can even lead to anxiety or depression.

signs your sleep deprived your constantly cranky

2- As Soon as Your Head Hits the Pillow – You Knock Out

Many chalk this up to being a “good sleeper,” but if as soon as you put your head to the pillow you knock out; you definitely need more sleep. According to the Institute of Neurological Sleep Disorders and Stroke, if you fall asleep within five minutes of lying down, you are probably suffering from severe sleep deprivation.

signs your sleep deprived when your head hits the pillow

3- More Impulsive Than Usual

Have you noticed you are far more impulsive than normal? This can link to lack of sleep. Sleep deprivation also affects the prefrontal cortex of the brain. Which also controls judgement and impulse control. If you are acting impulsively, making poor eating decisions, buying things without consequences, or irritable with others; it may be because of sleep.

signs your sleep deprived impulsive shopping

4- You’re Gaining Weight

If you’ve gained weight recently this could be one of the signs your sleep deprived. According to studies if you get fewer than six hours of sleep a night, you are more likely to gain weight. Your body is looking for other ways to help you feel more awake; and eating fatty foods is one of them. When your body feels out of whack from sleep deprivation you crave fried foods and sweets throughout the day. Also, recently researchers have found that lack of sleep can lead to develop Type 2 diabetes.

signs your sleep deprived gaining weight

5- You Don’t Look Your Best

News flash: beauty sleep is a real thing. Without it annoying conditions pop up like puffy eyes, dark circles, dull skin, breakouts, and turned-down corners around the mouth. Your skin works to repair itself while you are sleeping, and when it’s deprived of that time your collagen breaks down. People can usually tell if you’ve had a rough night, and sleep deprivation is almost impossible to hide in your appearance.

signs your sleep deprived you don't look your best breakout

6- Lately You’re Always Sick

A 2009 study found that people who sleep fewer than seven hours each night have almost three times the risk of catching a cold than people who slept for at least eight. Sleep is essential for a properly functioning immune system because that’s the time it makes substances called cytokines, which are proteins that fight inflammation and disease-causing organisms.

signs your sleep deprived always sick

7- You’ve Read This Sentence Twice

Concentrating has become extremely difficult, and you zone out on a daily basis. It’s hard to focus on the smallest task – like reading an article on sleep deprivation. Lack of sleep also impairs you to make split-second decisions according to many studies. These are the split decisions that come in hand for instance when driving and avoiding getting into an accident.

signs your sleep deprived can't focus


8- You’ve Become Clumsy

Not getting enough sleep can cause issues with your motor skills, and stumbling or falling happens more frequently. If you’re so tired that you can’t even focus on where you are going you definitely need to get more sleep. A 1997 study even found that a person who has gone a night without sleep lacks in hand-eye coordination in the morning as someone who we consider legally drunk.

signs your sleep deprived you have become clumsy

9- You Can’t Control Your Emotions

One of the signs your sleep deprived is an inability to control your emotions. Harvard Medical School found that a good night’s sleep promotes emotional resilience. On the other hand, lack of sleep leads to emotional vulnerability. A 2007 study also found that sleep-deprived brains were 60 percent more reactive to negative and disturbing images.” So basically if your emotions are out of whack, and you find yourself crying at a stupid commercial, you probably need to get more sleep.

signs your sleep deprived crying man reston

10- Lack of Sex

Sleep deprivation can definitely affect one’s sex life. A study found that sleep deprivation can lower men’s testosterone levels. Which then lowers their interest to be intimate with their partner. Also it’s hard to find time to have sex when as soon as your head hits the pillow, you’re out like a light.

signs your sleep deprived lack of sex

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