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Which veins need treatment?

If you are experiencing visible veins, whether they are embarrassing and unsightly or causing discomfort and interfering with normal activities, you may need to visit our clinic where the appearance and symptoms can be treated. Normal circulation of blood through the veins changes as we age. Blood valves within the vein weaken, allowing some blood to move back through the valves and pool in the veins. As they increase in pressure and stretch, those near the surface appear through the skin visibly. These may end up needing supportive care like compression stockings, or may need more targeted care like laser therapy or laser treatment. Whether you have leg veins that need a vein treatment because of varicose veins or are searching for a cosmetic fix to spider veins and other unsightly symptoms of vein aging, you can find a procedure that will beautify your skin, reduce swelling, and improve your health and confidence. Dr. Dima Ali has  many ways of diagnosing the best fit for each patient’s health. From ultrasound imaging to endovenous laser therapy, you can find a minimally invasive treatment for varicose




VBeam Laser treats leg and facial vessels, redness, rosacea, deep blue veins, and sunspots.

Sclerotherapy Treatment

Sclerotherapy treatment is a popular method of eliminating varicose veins and superficial telangiectasias (“spider veins”) in which a solution, called a “sclerosing agent,” is injected into the veins causing them to collapse. 

Types of Veins

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Veins Under Eyes

The surface of the skin thins as we age, and since  the skin under the eyes is already some of the thinnest on the body, veins that are in this area tend to appear more prominent. They can even contribute to the dark or blue color we call “dark circles” under the eyes. It is best for a vein like this to be treated gently, as the skin is so delicate and soft. Non-invasive methods are a first course of action for vein appearance under the eyes so as not to risk the sensitive skin and because the veins are so small.

Varicose Veins

Varicose veins are large dark veins that tend to bulge. They are also more likely to cause pain than spider veins or other smaller veins. Sometimes their appearance can be an indicator of other, more serious vein disorders, so it is best to make sure Dr. Dima Ali  is aware that you have developed them. They can sometimes be managed through life choices and self care, but sometimes require additional treatment. They often respond well to either sclerotherapy alone or a combination of sclerotherapy and laser treatments to give excellent results. In extreme conditions, surgical treatment is necessary for this condition.

Varicose veins can appear more prominently and painfully during pregnancy, and special care should be taken with these patients so there is little risk of complications during medical procedures to treat legs. It may be necessary to defer treatment of varicose veins until after birth if you need a phlebectomy or laser ablation with radiofrequency. If your legs are bothering you,  you may need to wear compression stockings to support your leg veins until you can seek more permanent treatment. 

Spider Veins

Spider veins can come in different patterns. They may look like a true spider shape with a group of veins radiating outward from a central point; they may resemble tiny branch-like shapes; or they may be lines that run in a straight fashion. They do not serve a physiological purpose, but rather they are a reaction based upon pressure building in deeper veins. The stretching of veins combined with the thinning of skin makes them visible on the surface. Some call them “redundant vessels” for this reason. They can safely be collapsed or removed without affecting the flow of blood to appendages.

It is easy for patients who have these veins to be treated with very low risk. Simply collapsing the small vein is sufficient for results to appear after a few weeks without the need for radiofrequency energy or other types of laser energy.

Treatments for Veins?

Self care is touted as a first measure to address varicose veins and other vein related treatments. Losing weight, exercising, finding a way to elevate your legs, and taking breaks if you find yourself sitting or standing for long periods of time are all helpful in preventing varicose veins from worsening if they have already appeared. Dr. Dima Ali  may tell you to wear compression stockings because they help the blood flow back without pooling in the stretched veins.

Other minimally invasive options that are used in the treatment for varicose veins include sclerotherapy and a light burst treatment called the Candela Vbeam.

Sclerotherapy treatment is a method of eliminating varicose veins and spider veins. A solution, called a sclerosing agent, is injected into the veins causing them to collapse. The procedure may also remedy the bothersome symptoms associated with spider veins, including aching, burning, swelling and night cramps. Sclerosing agents that are mild enough to use in small veins have made sclerotherapy predictable and quite painless. One way to do this procedure is with a sticky substance injected into the veins, called foam sclerotherapy. Be sure to follow medical advice to proceed with treatments that are best for your health and appearance with the fewest complications.

The Candela Vbeam treatment produces an intense burst of light that destroys specific blood vessels in spider veins without doing additional damage to the surrounding tissue. The Vbeam can also treat rosacea, leg veins, veins not on the legs, scars, warts, stretch marks, hemangiomas, and red birthmarks. It does so quickly and conveniently with virtually no pain. Results are apparent within a matter of weeks, as the vessels dissolve.

After each sclerotherapy session, the veins may appear to be worse until they begin to fade. Usually two or more sessions are required to see the best results. There could be some bruising for a few weeks after each session. The procedure only treats those veins that are currently visible; it does nothing to prevent new veins from surfacing in the future. So before you decide to have sclerotherapy treatment, it is important to discuss your expectations with Dr. Dima Ali.

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