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Battle of the Body Shapers: Why UltraShape Power Takes the Lead By Dima Ali, MD

There is a saying in medicine: “if you ask 10 doctors you’ll get 10 different answers.” I often get asked my opinion about the most effective non-invasive technologies, both by patients and by colleagues.  We’re all pretty opinionated about our beliefs but sometimes I take the extra time to convince people about one technology over another. Whether to get CoolSculpting or UltraShape Power is one such instance.  I have had a lot of experience with both, including having had both treatments myself. Here are the main reasons I favor UltraShape Power over CoolSculpting and other alternatives for non-invasive body sculpting.

UltraShape Power is number one in the industry with a 32% FDA approval rating of fat reduction – the highest in the industry. Ultrashape Power does not use freezing technology which could potentially lead to damaged blood vessels or nerves. UltraShape Power utilized ultrasound technology and is able to distinguish fat cells from nerve cells and blood vessels; making the treatment much more comfortable for the patient and affords no downtime.

UltraShape Power is also a much more versatile treatment for fat reduction on all areas of the body. The design of the machine allows it to easily target harder to reach areas that other technologies may not be able to – such as the back of the arms or fat around the knees. The treatments themselves require much less time commitment from patients, taking as little as 30 minutes per session where as other treatments can take up to 6 hours or more.

All in all, UltraShape Power is a much more effective treatment for patients, with permanent results. The treatments require no downtime and much less time commitment from patients while also being very comfortable. When choosing body shaping treatments I favor UltraShape Power for not only my patients, but for anyone looking for great results in less time.

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