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The Age of Maskne

We are seeing more complications due to mandatory PPE as a result of Covid 19.  More acne breakouts, infections around the mouth area, contact dermatitis and even hair loss.  The use of PPE isn’t going away anytime soon so what can be done to mitigate the issues and prevent these occurrences?   Start by Making […]

Do you prefer Lip Flip or Lip Pop?

You want your lips to look a little fuller, but you just don’t feel ready for filler. The Lip Flip may be the perfect dress rehearsal to a future lip enhancement with filler. This recently popular technique can be done as a stand-alone service “Lip Flip” or combined with dermal filler to boost your results […]

Dr. Dima’s Cosminology – Cosmically Healthy Skin

Cosminology was created by Dr. Dima Ali, M.D. and inspired by her personal sensitivity to harsh, over the counter and prescription strength topical treatments. As a long-time acne sufferer with a propensity for hyperpigmentation, Dr. Dima began to combine varying strengths of potent, rejuvenating ingredients with natural, anti-inflammatory botanical extracts and essential oils to treat […]

Botox for Facial Slimming

Botox for facial slimming is a popular treatment option offered here at WellMedica.  Botox is a very versatile treatment that can be used to reduce wrinkles, reduce sweating, and even change the shape of your face.  Botox for facial slimming is typically known as the non-surgical square jaw reduction procedure. To learn more about Botox […]

Excessive Sweating (Hyperhidrosis) – By: Dr. Dima Ali

Sweating is not the most pleasant topic of discussion, especially when it occurs excessively. It can leave you feeling self-conscious and embarrassed. Many do not realize that this is an actual medical condition. The good news is it can be treated. Currently there are two minimally invasive treatments that are extremely popular for this condition: […]

2020 DermaDeal Skin Stimulus Act

Cosminology is proud to announce that we have donated over 3900 products to frontline health care workers at 6 local hospitals! Our world is going through a challenging period of uncertainty and stress.  During times like these, we are reminded of how unique and precious we all are as well as the true fragility of […]

BHRT Therapy: For A More Balanced Life 

With most of us leading busy lives it can be very easy to feel overwhelmed and stressed out.  This stress can be the same and different for men and women.  We all know the common complaints when one does not feel balanced: “I’m stressed, I can’t sleep, my mind is racing, I’m so hot, and […]

Nigella Sativa The Seed of Blessings

Nigella Sativa is a plant that grows wild in the Middle East and North Africa. It is the source of a very potent black seed that has medicinal and therapeutic properties that have been used for thousands of years. Growing up in North Africa gave me access to many herbal remedies that were indigenous to […]

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Battle of the Body Shapers: Why UltraShape Power Takes the Lead By Dima Ali, MD

There is a saying in medicine: “if you ask 10 doctors you’ll get 10 different answers.” I often get asked my opinion about the most effective non-invasive technologies, both by patients and by colleagues.  We’re all pretty opinionated about our beliefs but sometimes I take the extra time to convince people about one technology over […]

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