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2016 Annual Boo-tox Party Event

Here are the pictures from our annual Boo-tox Party this October in which we had a “Spooktacular” time with some of our favorite patients.  The event was a great success with attendees enjoying complimentary food and drinks, great music, and up to 200 units of Botox for the TOP 3 COSTUMES. Plus an exclusive first look and live demo of UltraShape Power! Everyone was encouraged to bring their friends and family and come join us for a freaky fantastic night of fun! As you can see from the pictures the WellMedica staff dressed in their best garb zombifying themselves. Dr. Dima also dressed the part and was the “Magical Anti-Aging Fairy” who could vanish your wrinkles with just a flick of her wand.  Party goers were also given swag bags on their way out of the party that included goodies like some of Dr. Dima’s products from her make-up line. We hope all who attended had a great time! We can’t wait for next years, and hope to see you there!

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