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Butt Injections – The Latest Craze and Treatment

Living in the 20th Century I’ve found it extremely hard to escape the latest craze is beauty: big butts. It seems like every single celebrity has somehow magically achieved a voluptuous backside. From the Kardashians, to Nicki Minaj I think it’s safe to say that Hollywood is obsessed with large butts and butt injections. This obsession encourages a lot of us to double up on our squats, and in even more cases encourages people to turn to the quick fix of plastic surgery.

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How Common Are Butt Procedures?

According to different studies procedures that enhance one’s backside are currently on the rise like never before. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), butt implants were the fastest growing type of plastic surgery in 2015. Overall, these procedures were growing so fast that there is one butt procedure performed every 30 minutes, of everyday of the year.

The “Kardashian Effect”

This recent rise in butt culture has many wondering what exactly is to blame for this upwards trend. Several attribute this to none other than Kim Kardashian, and her family. Known as the “Kardashian Effect” big butts are more popular than ever showing what an influence this famous family has on society today. Plastic surgeons have seen many individuals bring in pictures of Kim’s butt and request a backside exactly like hers. And it’s not just in the US. In 2014, almost half of all British women who inquired about butt augmentations cited Kim as their role model for the perfect posterior.

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What are the Different Types?

Butt Implant Surgery

You place implants beneath the gluteal muscle through incision. The procedure will take about two to three hours, and downtime is usually a few weeks. Patients are told to abstain from sitting on implants directly for three weeks. A lot of doctors typically don’t feel safe doing butt implants any more since there is a much higher risk for complication than the other options.

Butt Lifts

With this surgeons also have to make an incision on the butt. You cut at the top of the butt area, and pull up the extra skin. This procedure is also not as common because it can potentially scar. However, it does not require as long of a downtime as Butt Implants with only five to six days off work.

Butt Augmentation

Butt augmentation is basically fat grafting where the fat is liposuctioned out of the patient’s abdomen, hips, or thighs. They clean and separate the fat, and inject it into the patient’s butt. This is only a one hour process, and allows surgeons to work more with the shape the patient will end up with. Patient can return to work and normal activity 24 hours after the procedure, yet are advised to avoid sitting on their behind for a week after surgery. This is currently the most popular procedure, but is still pricey going from $3,000 to a whopping $10,000.

Butt Injections

You can use fillers and injections to enhance your butt. From Bellafill, to Restylane many of these hyaluronic acid fillers are injected in the butt to create a fuller look. Injecting can take less than an hour, and does not require surgery. Before the procedure the area that will be injected is applied numbing cream so patient will experience almost no pain. Results will be seen immediately, and one can resume normal activities within the next day. Since the Doctor is in control of injecting they also have better control of the actual shape the butt will be.

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WellMedica and Butt Injections

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