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Celebrity Lip Fillers

One trend that is sweeping over America is big, full lips! Everyone wants a big pout. Of course, not everyone is born with Angelina Jolie lips. Therefore, many are turning to cosmetic procedures and fillers to get this look. In this list we count down some of the most famous celebrity lip fillers, and what they looked like before!


Celebrity Lip Fillers


1) Kylie Jenner

One can argue that Kylie Jenner is the poster child for celebrity lip fillers. When Kylie was just 16 she made our heads turn with a brand new look – a much fuller and voluminous pout. Kylie first denied any cosmetic enhancement stating that it was merely lip liner and how she did her makeup. Later on Kylie confessed to altering her lips with filler – stating that it was always an insecurity of hers. Regardless Kylie took her cosmetic procedure infamy to a whole new level – making a business out of it! Today her Kylie Lip Kits make millions, and she is laughing all the way to the bank. We say good for her!

Kylie Jenner Lips Before and After Celebrity Lip Fillers Reston VA Dima Ali

2) Farrah Abraham

Anyone who follows Farrah Abraham’s career knows that she is not one to shy away from plastic surgery. First making her debut on MTV’S “Teen Mom” Farrah is constantly in headlines for her plastic surgery such as getting a breast augmentation as well as a nose job. The latest cosmetic procedure Fararh shared with the world was lip injections. Unfortunately, Abraham had a horrible allergic reaction when she went in for the procedure. As you can see below her lips swelled up exponentially. She stated on The Doctors, “As soon as he touched my lip with whatever numbing product he put in there, my lip was having an allergic reaction right away. I was laying down flat, but I was seeing more of my lip come up and come up. I’m just super happy that I’m alive.”

Farrah Abraham Lips Before and After Celebrity Lip Fillers Reston VA Dima Ali, MD

3) Hailey Baldwin

If you don’t know who Hailey Baldwin is she is an up-and-coming model that has made headlines for dating Justin Bieber and hanging with the Kardashains. She is also the daughter of famous actor Stephen Baldwin. Even though Hailey has been perusing modeling she has drifted away from the natural look that most models tend to go for and has enhanced her lips. Perhaps Hailey thought this would help to jump start her career. We think she looks great!

Hailey Baldwin Lips Before and After celebrity Lip fillers reston va dima ali md

4) Kim Zolciak-Biermann

As a previous Real Housewives of Atlanta this lady is used to having her life played out as an open book. That’s why no one was surprised when Kim was so open with admitting to getting her lips done. She is also so open that she admitted that she and her daughter, Brielle, get their lips done together. Many raised eyebrows due to the fact that her daughter was only 19 at the time. Kim states that she always knew her daughter was insecure about her lips, and if she is going to get them done she wanted her to get the best. Therefore, they go to the same plastic surgeon! Kim has received a lot of criticism for her lips as many say they are WAY too big. We have to agree with the general public. Here at WellMedica we are all about natural and subtle looks.

Kim Zolciak Lips Before and After celebrity lip fillers wellmedica reston va dima ali

5) Megan Fox

Some say Megan Fox is the ultimate before and after with her transformation with plastic surgery looking beautiful, but also natural. Many continue to speculate what procedures Megan has had done on her face. Many have guessed that she could have had a nose job, fillers, eye lift, and more. However, one we can say she most definitely had is lip injections. As you can see below her lips size has increased dramatically giving her a beautiful “Hollywood Scarlet” pout.

Megan Fox Lips Before and After celebrity lip fillers wellmedica dr. dima ali reston va

6) Lisa Rinna

Lisa Rinna is another actress that is the poster child for celebrity lip fillers. While trying to make it big in Hollywood Lisa attempted to stand out by getting her lips injected with silicone. Stand out she did – as her lips looked a little too plump. Throughout the years Lisa has embraced her lips, and has always been able to poke fun at herself. A few years ago she did decide to have some of her silicone removed giving her a much more natural look, while still maintaining the smile that she is known for.

Lisa Rinna Lips Before and After Celebrity Lip Fillers WellMedica Dr. Dima Ali Reston

7) Lindsay Lohan

One of the most famous child stars Lindsay Lohan was always known for her all American looks. However, throughout her career Lohan has changed her appearance quite a bit. Looking at pictures when she first made it big to now it is clear that Lindsay definitely had something done to her lips.

Lindsay Lohan Lips Before and After celebrity lip fillers dima ali md reston wellmedica

8) Heidi Montag

Heidi Montag shocked the world when she underwent extensive plastic surgery during her time on the MTV show The Hill’s. Going in for breast implants, a nose job, butt implants, liposuction, and lip injections Heidi had a head-to-toe makeover. Almost looking unrecognizable fans were shocked to see just how different this celebrity looked. Now that it’s been years after Montag had head-to-toe surgery a lot of it has settled. Yet, from recent pictures we can see she still has kept up her lip injections.

Heidi Montag Lips Before and After celebrity lip fillers wellmedica dr. dima ali reston

9) Bella Thorne

Although Bella Throne is only 19 she has been making waves in the tabloids for her skimpy outfits and various celebrity boyfriends. However, she also has made headlines for the changes in her appearance – specifically her lips. Looking at pictures of Bella when she first started on the Disney channel, to now, it is quite obvious she has enhanced her lips.

Bella Throne Lips Before and After celebrity lip fillers dr. dima ali wellmedica reston

10) Jessica Simpson

In Jessica Simpson’s case of celebrity lip fillers she had them done after she reached fame. Therefore, it was quite obvious when she enhanced her pucker. Always known for her good looks, Jessica decided to get injections in 2005. Simpson admitted to having Restylane injected into her lips to Glamour magazine stating, “It looked fake to me. I didn’t like that.” Thankfully for Jessica Restylane is a temporary lip filler, and the injections went away after about four months.

Jessica Simpson Lips Before and After celebrity lip fillers dima ali wellmedica reston

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