Dr. Dima Answers Your Questions on ThermiVa!

Dr. Dima Answers Your Questions on ThermiVa!

A lot is still not known about non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation.  Therefore, Dr. Dima has taken the time to answer some of our most asked questions on ThermiVa that we receive on a daily basis from RealSelf.com! Keep reading to learn all you need to know about ThermiVa.

Question: Is the ThermiVa procedure painful?

After doing hundreds of procedures with ThermiVa, I can safely say that it is painless.  The radiofrequency energy used to tighten the vagina is warm.  Typically women describe it as feeling like a warm hot tub, or massage!  Patients are able to resume normal activities right after treatment including intercourse.

Question: Should ThermiVa be performed only by a doctor?

Answer: Thank you for your fantastic question! This depends on the state you live in. Some states such as MD and NJ, are highly regulated and rightfully so.  In Virginia, ThermiVa can also be performed by physician assistants and nurse practitioners if properly trained.  However, you absolutely must see a doctor for a consultation prior to treatment to make sure you are a good candidate.  I personally perform all ThermiVa treatments in my office in order to ensure the best care for my patients.  

Question: Will ThermiVa work for someone who is 69?

Answer: Women of any age can be treated but especially women over the age of 50.  What is important when deciding to get ThermiVa are the symptoms you are experiencing.  ThermiVa is used for vaginal tightening, treating urinary incontinence, sexual dysfunction, increasing lubrication, and external vaginal appearance using radio frequency technology. This treatment is completely non-surgical, pain-free, and requires ZERO downtime.  There are no downsides to receiving this treatment.  We also offer Geneveve treatment (the newest RF vaginal technology).  They can even be combined if needed.

Question: Which non-surgical treatment is better: ThermiVa or FemiLift?

Answer: In my opinion, there are two leaders when it comes to non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation technologies – ThermiVA and Geneveve.  Vaginal rejuvenation can be broken down into 2 technologies:  Radiofrequency and CO2 laser. ThermiVa and Geneveve employ radiofrequency.  Femilift, Mona Lisa and Intima use carbon dioxide ablative technology.  Before I invest in a technology, I have it done on myself.  I’ve had everything currently out on the market.  In my opinion, radiofrequency is definitely the way to go if you’re looking for tightening and lubrication. In fact, women report an increase in sensation as well.  If you have urinary stress incontinence it’s also a better solution.  In fact, the Geneveve is FDA approved for stress incontinence.  With these technologies, we have witnessed our patients achieving remarkable results with some even stating that it has “changed their LIVES.”

Question: I’ve had three treatments of ThermiVa. Are there any situations in which 4 treatments may be beneficial, or do the three treatments deliver the maximum result obtainable making a fourth a waste of time/money?

Answer: The answer is very patient specific.  I personally have done 4 treatments on women but I took into consideration things such as the degree of improvement with the first 3 treatments; the degree of laxity; the anatomy of the labia (all the women began with unusually loose skin) among other things.  Having tried other technologies, I feel strongly that radiofrequency (ThermiVA) gives much better results than any of the other modalities (for example CO2 laser) for urogenital rejuvenation so I am more likely to recommend getting a fourth treatment than trying something else.  Having said that, I don’t hesitate to turn people away that request procedures that I think are a waste of money.  I hope this helps!

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