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Lansdowne Woods of Virginia 2017 Wellness Expo

Lansdowne Woods of Virginia is hosting a Wellness Expo, sponsored by WellMedica Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Medicine. The Wellness Expo will showcase diverse exhibitors, products and services educating and empowering you to live a healthy lifestyle.

Dr. Dima will be presenting two seminars during the expo:

Non-Invasive Rejuvenation Revolution
Over the past 20 years more and more people are turning to non-invasive methods to look younger and age gracefully. Dr. Dima will be giving an overview of the many technologies available for treatments that eliminate wrinkles, tighten and tone skin, reduce fat bulges/cellulite and reverse sun damage.

Improve Your Wellbeing and Quality of Life with Bioidentical Hormone Pellets
During this lecture, Dr. Dima, Medical Director of WellMedica, will address the numerous ways in which biodentical hormone therapy can improve your health and minimize the signs and symptoms of aging that we are familiar with – hot flashes, achy joints, moodiness, reduced sex drive, dry skin, fatigue and more.

WellMedica staff will also be at two exhibition tables with information on anti-aging and aesthetic treatments at WellMedica.

Lansdowne of the Woods Wellness Expo 2017 Dr. Dima Seminar Reston

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