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Skin Cancer


1 in 5 Americans will get skin cancer in their lifetime, having routine skin cancer screenings are very important.

The Importance of Routine Skin Cancer Screenings

Sun exposure causes more than 90% of all skin cancers, yet fewer than 33% of adults, adolescents and children routinely use sun protection. Screening is looking for cancer before a person has any symptoms. This can help find cancer at an early stage. When abnormal tissue or cancer is found early, it may be easier to treat. By the time symptoms appear, cancer may have begun to spread. The skin cancer preventative appointments includes a Full Body Mole Mapping, where we use a digital device to scan the full body to keep them on file to watch the growth or to have them removed.
Skin Health Matters

How can Photoaging build into Skin Cancer?

Photoaging is premature aging of the skin caused by repeated exposure to ultraviolet radiation (UV) primarily from the sun, but also from artificial UV sources. This can build up to skin cancer if you ignore the best practices.

Everything you need to know about Skin Cancer Screenings

A skin cancer screenings is a visual inspection of your skin by a medical professional. No blood work is conducted at a screening. Skin cancer is the most common cancer in the United States. There are several types of skin cancers including actinic keratoses (AK), basal cell carcinoma (BCC), squamous cell carcinoma (SCC), and melanoma. Skin cancer screenings are done before the symptoms of any of these appear.

Patient Testimonials

Dr. Dima did my skin cancer check and found an issue that 2 previous doctors had missed. I think she is excellent and am certainly glad I found her.
Paula C.

I am not one to go to the doctors but I noticed a change in my skin, what looked like a scab that did not heal and thought I might want to get this looked at. So, I was in the Reston area so I called Dr. Dima’s office. After taking a look at it Dr. Dima stated “let’s be safe, remove it and send it off to the lab”. A week later I got a follow up call. The lab results were positive for skin cancer. Dr. Dima told me to get my butt to her office sooner rather than later. I did not even feel the needle as Dr. Dima numbed the surgical site. Thirty minutes later, I walked out with a slightly larger incision in my chest, that is already fading, and with a few do’s and don’ts.

Yesterday I received a follow up call from the good doctor. The results we great; no more cancerous tissue to deal with. The bottom line is I am fortunate to have had Dr. Dima take care of me. Had I not seen her things might have been much worse over time. Her knowledge in skin care and skills as a surgeon may add years to my life and for that I am grateful.

Joe S.
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Due to the nature of this treatment, a medical consultation with Dr. Dima prior to treatment. Insurance Disclaimer: WellMedica Aesthetic & Anti-Aging does not accept insurance at this time, however we do provide the necessary documents for patients to submit to their insurance companies for reimbursement.

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