Nutritional IV Therapy

Receive 10 Times the Nutrients in a One Hour Treatment
Way More Than You Can Eat in One Day.

Nutritional IV Therapy Will Keep Fit, Healthy, and Feeling Great

Here at WellMedica we pride ourselves on having the latest technology in wellness and modern medicine. Therefore, we would like to introduce Nutritional IV therapy. This type of therapy will keep you healthy, fit, feeling great, and so much more. A lot of people don’t know that a treatment as simple and painless exists – please keep reading to learn about how you can feel like the best you!

What is Nutritional IV Therapy

IV (intravenous therapy) is the method of delivering vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants directly to patients’ bloodstream. As many know IVs have been used for years to treat patients in hospitals to treat a range of serious conditions. However, recently we have started offering this type of therapy at independent clinics as to not burden emergency clinics and also treat a wider variety of conditions.

How Does Nutritional IV Therapy Work?

There is a limit to how much we absorb from our typical diet and supplements. Therefore, this is a great way to get an extra boost in our immune system and overall wellness. Plus, as we age our intestines can become comprised. This then effects how we absorb nutrients because as stomach acid decreases it can be more difficult. These nutrients are responsible for almost every physiological and biological function that takes place in the body. If we have poor absorption this can results in a series of different health issues. Health issues such as metabolism, energy, disease prevention, and more.

Benefits From IV Therapy

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As stated earlier IV Therapy can help with so many different health conditions. But, for starters it can do a ton for just general wellness. Even if you aren’t experiencing any major health concerns this can still be a great treatment to prevent any future conditions and make sure you stay healthy and balanced. It is also great for those that are dehydrated, have chronic fatigue, typically experience migraines, history of respiratory illnesses, and immune system deficiencies. Many also use these services if they feel a cold or flu coming on, fly frequently, or just feel run down in general. It has also been dubbed a great “hangover cure” for those of our patients that have had late nights. We have also received many patients that are in the process of getting treated for cancer, or have already battled cancer that are in vital need of a boost in nutrients.
Cancer & Nutritional IV Therapy

  • Nutritional Therapy and Cancer
    Nutritional IV Therapy is a great treatment for those that have had cancer
    As mentioned earlier Nutritional IV Therapy is a great treatment for those that have had cancer, as well as battled cancer. Patients undergoing chemotherapy always look frail, ill, exhausted, and malnourished. This is because chemotherapy and radiation treatments are literally sucking the nutrients right out of you. Their bodies are basically starved of nutrition while also being loaded with toxins and metabolic waste. What the body needs is Nutritional IV Therapy. As stated earlier, these nutrients are channeled DIRECTLY into the bloodstream. The effect is immediate, and intense. This type of therapy is not the only type of treatment that should be recommended while battling cancer – but it is truly effective under the supervision of a Board Certified doctor like Dr. Dima.
What to Expect?
In your first visit you will have consultation with our doctor as well as a panel of blood work prior to treatment. This is essential in order to make sure that you are able to receive treatment safely. Initial visit can last between 40-60 minutes and includes a Basic Metabolic Panel. This evaluates your kidney function as well as other labs such as determining vitamins and minerals you are low in. This allows WellMedica to create a completely customizable treatment plan for you ensuring the best form of health care you can possibly receive.

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