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BOTOX Cosmetic is the only treatment of its type approved by the FDA for this use. The treatment is minimally invasive and non surgical. It requires no recovery time and causes little discomfort. Dr. Ali makes a few tiny injections into the muscles that cause the frown lines between your brows. However, there is no need for anesthesia. The entire procedure takes approximately ten minutes. Discomfort is minimal – most patients compare the sensation to a bug bite. You may resume normal activity immediately. If you feel that reducing the appearance of those frown lines between your brows might make you look and feel better, BOTOX® Cosmetic may be right for you. We have been providing Botox in Reston VA for over 20 years, so you should know that you are in good hands when you visit us.

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Botox for Fine Lines

BOTOX® Cosmetic is a simple, non-surgical, treatment that can temporarily smooth moderate to severe fine lines and wrinkles. It relaxes facial muscles so you can smile, frown or look surprised without furrows, creases and wrinkles. These lines actually result from muscle movement and the passage of time. BOTOX Cosmetic works great for fine lines by blocking nerve impulses, which reduces the movement of those muscles. With less movement, the skin surface smooths out, and the frown lines between your brows begin to fade. At Wellmedica we treat BOTOX in Reston, VA for fine lines and wrinkles by removing them with Botox Cosmetic which works great by blocking nerve impulses, which reduces the movement of those muscles.

What exactly is BOTOX Cosmetic and how does it work?

BOTOX Cosmetic is a natural, purified protein produced by the Clostridium botulinum bacterium. Very low doses of BOTOX Cosmetic are administered via a few tiny injections directly into the overactive muscles that cause lines between the brows to form. BOTOX Cosmetic works by blocking the transmission of nerve impulses to the injected muscles. As Dr. Ali explains, "By safely impeding nerve impulses, Botox Cosmetic relaxes the muscles so they cannot contract. The skin’s surface smoothes out and wrinkles diminish. The object is not to restrict the area so it lacks expression, but to soften unwelcome lines while maintaining facial mobility."

How long does BOTOX Cosmetic last?

BOTOX Cosmetic lasts up to four months.

What can I expect during treatment?

The procedure is a simple one. Dr. Ali uses an ultra fine needle to precisely inject small amounts of Botox Cosmetic under the skin in the areas where there are dynamic wrinkles. Discomfort is minimal and brief. No sedation or local anesthetic is required and you may resume your normal day’s activities right away. 

I went to another Doctor and got bad Botox. Can Dr. Dima fix mine?

Absolutely. Dr. Dima is an artist when it comes to injectables, and knows exactly how to give someone the look they desire. Below is an example of a patient that came in with Botox that he did not like. The Botox gave him a very arched eyebrow that he was not happy with. Dr. Dima fixed it by giving him a more relaxed look. 


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