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A Cautionary Tale – Skin Cancer Removal Story

Here at WellMedica we pride ourselves on providing world class care to our patients promoting, advancing and standardizing the field of Aesthetic Medicine. Skin cancer removal is one of these treatments which can saves life. So, when we experience a story like this from one of our patients it REALLY makes it all worth it for us.

Mohs Microgrpahic Surgery skin cancer awareness month patient at wellmedica reston va

As you can see above,this patient had a large skin lesion removed from his left breast. This took place after Dr. Dima screened him for skin cancer as a patient of WellMedica. What looked like a suspicious mole on his breast turned out to be a basal cell carcinoma which is the most common form of skin cancer today. After visiting Dr. Dima he received Mohs Micrographic Surgery completed by Dr. Zain Husian.

After treatment he let us know that he was currently recovering, and that the surgery was successful. He was very grateful to our team, and those that performed his surgery. Without the screening to find out that the tissue was cancerous it is safe to say this patient would be in a lot of danger. That’s why here at WellMedica Skin Cancer Awareness Month is so important to us. It’s also why Dr. Dima encourages all her patients to receive regular skin cancer screenings throughout the year. Prevention is key to making sure we are healthy, and could potentially save your life.

Skin Cancer Removal at WellMedica

One in five Americans will get skin cancer over the course of a lifetime. Therefore, receiving routine skin cancer screenings is very important. More than 90% of all skin cancers are caused by sun exposure, yet fewer than 33% of adults, adolescents and children routinely use sun protection. Screening is looking for cancer before a person has any symptoms. This can also help find cancer at an early stage which could save lives and should not be underestimated as it is a very effective, non-invasive and painless form of preventative medicine. During your Full Body Mole Check, Dr. Dima examines your body and takes baseline digital images of any suspicious lesions, recording their exact location, size and any other relevant data. After sending the tissue to be tested for skin cancer if found Dr. Dima will also recommend a Doctor for you to receive skin cancer removal.

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Due to the nature of this treatment, a medical consultation with Dr. Dima prior to treatment. Insurance Disclaimer: WellMedica Aesthetic & Anti-Aging does not accept insurance at this time, however we do provide the necessary documents for patients to submit to their insurance companies for reimbursement.


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