What is Vaginismus?

Painful sex is a reality for an estimated 75% of women at some point in life. For many women, this pain (and its far-reaching consequences), result from a condition called vaginismus. 

Vaginismus: Explained

Vaginismus is an involuntary, protective response to vaginal penetration. With this condition, women experience an intense tightening of the pelvic floor in anticipation of vaginal penetration. Far from being a solely psychological condition, vaginismus can trigger intense physical pain. 

Primary and secondary vaginismus are the two main classifications of this condition. With primary vaginismus, symptoms appear during a woman’s first attempts at sex or using a tampon. Secondary vaginismus is acquired over time, often due to hormonal shifts, recurring infections, surgery, trauma, or childbirth. 

How Do You Know If You Have Vaginismus?

If you experience vaginal muscle contractions and/or spasms that you have no control over, you may be suffering from vaginismus. Women with vaginismus may also exhibit protective behaviors, such as clenching muscles throughout the body, in the face of activities like sex. 

When Sex Hurts, Botox Helps.

At WellMedica in Reston, Virginia, we specialize in Botox vaginismus treatment. Unlike other treatment options, like vaginal dilators, Botox injections in the pelvic floor muscles can noticeably resolve the contractions and painful sex associated with vaginismus. It takes full effect in 7 to 10 days and is completed within 20 minutes (or less). 

Botox has been used for vaginismus treatment since 1977, making it one of the most trusted solutions around for this vaginal condition.  

How Often Do I Need Botox for Vaginismus?

The effects of Botox fade within three to four months. However, most patients continue to experience painless intercourse and normal penetration after this period. So, you may only need one Botox treatment session to resolve your vaginismus symptoms.  

We’re proud to offer Botox as a life-changing solution for vaginismus. If you think you may have this condition, schedule a consultation at our clinic to learn more. 


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