Butt Botox – Dr. Dima writes for Bravo.com

Butt Botox for Butt Sweating and Swamp Butt Reston VA

Dr. Dima, an expert on all things Botox, has recently given her expert medical advice to Bravo.com and explained the phenomenon of using butt botox. That’s right – one can use Botox for your derriere in order to prevent sweating better known as a condition called “swamp butt.” Throughout the article she explains the scientific and medical reason for why Botox helps to stop sweating, how many injections one would need in their behind, and the relative cost. She also informs readers that one can receive Botox for sweating anywhere on the body which you can learn more about on our website here, in which the actual word for Botox for Sweating – Botox Hyperhidrosis is explained further.

To check out the entire article on Bravo’s website about Butt Botox go here.


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